Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas...

Christmas Eve at my Grandparents
Charli in her new Christmas PJ's
I just started this tradition this year
and am so excited to start a tradition in my house
I even bought myself some new PJ's!

Grandma Ann & Charli 
opening our gift to her

Cousin Caleb, Great Grandma Ann (GG) and Charli
I have many pictures like this 
growing up with my cousins and my Grandma

When we got home from Grandma's on Christmas Eve
Charli and Chad put out the reindeer food
rolled oats and silver glitter
We woke up to a white Christmas!!!
Sort of....
We had a major hail storm around 7 am 
also two bursts of lightning and thunder
Which woke up the whole house

Look at what Santa brought!!!!
A Leapster 2
Disney princess even
Charli was in heaven all morning
She told me after all the presents were opened
"Mommy I am so glad I got this Leapster!"
Just about everyone of Charli's friends have one
and she has been asking for one this past year.
Santa is so good.

Charli opened a Leapster Tag, pen and two coordinating books
from Uncle Mike.
These were really cool
and so sweet of Uncle Mike 
It is a whole learn to read system 
and just right for where Charli is developmentally.
He is the best gift giver.

Daddy opening up his calendar 
Charli and I make him one every year 
for his office.

Charli asked for an iron for Christmas
So of course I had to get one.
I bought the iron on Etsy for $6.00 
and the ironing board was found at
Kat's Meow in Chico.

And a Christmas dog!

Christmas festivities

Charli made these hand drawn pillows
for all her Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles
We sprinkled cinnamon inside the pillows as well.
All the lucky recipients loved them.
(Thank you Jenni for the fantastic idea)

Skyla and Charli celebrated a little Christmas together
These two exchanged gifts, shared a lunch and had a great time.

Charli laying out all the pieces of our Gingerbread House

Mommy and Charli putting our Gingerbread House together

Isn't it so cute!!!
This little house was $5.00 from Trader Joe's.
Complete with cute little frosting family, family dog and decorations.
So simple, fast and easy!

Owen, Charli and James
I think if Santa needs any new elves
These 3 would qualify.

Charli had her annual Christmas performance.
This year her ballet class danced to 
Santa Claus is coming to town

Charli and Annabell
Waiting for their turn to perform

Charli, Daddy and Leia 
What a cute little family.
Leia is such a great dog.
We have really enjoyed her.

Decorating for Christmas....

Charli and Chad took on finding the perfect Christmas tree this year.  I on the other hand was so busy preparing gifts, running around, and sewing gifts like a mad woman, that the last thing I had time for was finding the perfect tree.  So one day in early December Chad asked me if he and Charli should just pick up a tree while they were out and about.  I very gladly agreed.  And I think they did a wonderful job!  I thought it also might be fun for the two of them to take on that task, Father * Daughter bonding time.
Charli was given the honors of putting the star on top of the tree....with a hoist from Daddy.  She also loved playing with our little wooden carved nativitiy scene.  It used to be my mom's and I always loved it growning up.  I am so glad that Charli is now getting a chance to enjoy it. 

Monday, December 29, 2008

Look at what I did...

I just finished Charli's letters for her room, tonight. I bought these letters when Charli was about 6 mths old and they have been stashed in her armoir ever since, with the best of intentions to actually do something with them. So guess what.... I actually started and finshed these beauties this week, while on my Christmas vacation. I am really please with the finished product and think they look so cute hanging on Charli's wall. The little Crown hanger in the picture, holding her robe, I am going to cover it with pink glitter. We are also going to make an art work display board on this wall. I ordered jumbo size clothes pins recently. Those will get attached to a board, painted and then hung on her wall. So happy that I am actually making some progress on this kids room. Hopefully it will be in good shape by the time a second kid comes around. Chad swears that if we have a boy, he is sharing the pink room with Charli, we shall see about that. No we are not pregnant but we are trying to be. Wish us luck!!!!

My Grandma came to visit today!!!

My Grandma came to visit today, and it was really such a treat! My uncle Bill drove to Fort Bragg and picked her up right before Christmas and she will be in town until after New Years. She has been making the rounds of visiting family since she has been here and today was my turn. She looked really great and in good spirits. Which is so wonderful to see! I also made her some dish towels and matching wash cloths. This was Charli's second time meeting her Great Grandma.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Winner (or runner up....well second runner up!)

Check out my winning recipe! I entered a recipe contest through and Sophie Uliano, the author featured my recipe on her site. I am so excited to be featured on her site. I am receiving a bake ware set!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


So my Grandma is doing amazing and is going home either today or tomorrow. My mom shared with me that my Grandma was experiencing chest pain about 2 weeks ago, went to her doctor and was giving some medication to help with the pain. Well she experienced the pain 3 more times, the first two the medication took the pain away but the 3rd time not at all. So my Grandma called 911, they took her to the hospital where they performed an Angio and also put 3 stents in. And then yesterday she had her heart attack. I have to believe that because my Grandma went to the doctor when she first experience the chest pain and was giving medication, that is why she has recovered so fast. I think if she would have ignored the pain she could have had a worse heart attack. I am so relieved to hear that she is doing so well and will be returning home shortly. Thank you to all who have sent your kind thoughts and prays.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grandma Alice...

Great Grandma Alice with Cousins Silas, Charli and Dale
Her sweet Great Grandchildren.

Grandma Alice made this jacket for Charli.
Isn't it cute!
My mom learned how to sew from her mother
So my sewing skills go back to my Grandmother.
I am so thankful for her for this.

Charli and my Grandma meeting for the first time
Shortly after she moved to Chico from Alaska.

I just got word today that my Grandma Alice, my mom's mother had a heart attack today. She lives in Fort Bragg, CA and was air lifted to Santa Rosa. My middle name being Alice is after this Grandma and I have always felt like she has held onto the old time traditions, which is something that has always been intriguing to me about her. She has always sent birthday cards to everyone, no fail, so amazing! Shortly after Charli was born my Grandma Alice moved back to Chico from living in Alaska for many years. I was so excited to introduce the two for the first time. There is something so great about an innocent child and their Great Grandparent. Both being frail and so sweet. Here are some pics that I have of my Grandma. Please pray for her. I don't have many details on her situation at the moment.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our 1st SNOW....

When your child puts on their snow boots and starts making snow angels on the kitchen floor....You know it is time to let them go outside and play in the snow.

Eating the 1st snow of the season!!!

Look at the happy face.  I don't think her smile could get any bigger

We got our first snow of the season yesterday, and we all enjoyed the snow, cold weather and the fact that it was a Sunday and had nowhere to go.  Well sort of....Charli's preschool class was scheduled to have a Christmas Singing Performance.  Due to the snow fall it was cancelled.  We were pretty bummed, especially Charli.  But staying home allowed us to get our Christmas baking completed.  Once the snow started falling, Charli got very excited and decided to shove her feet in her too small snow boots.....laid down on the kitchen floor.....and attempted to make a snow angel.....on the cold hard tile.  At that point I decided it was time to bundle Charli up and let her play out in the snow.  I did discover that this is the last year she will be fitting in her snow clothes.  Next year we will be investing in bigger ones.  Chad went outside with Charli for a little while....put her on his snow board and pulled her around a little.  Charli was convinced that Chad and I needed to get our skis out and go skiing.  I stayed inside and took some video.....and Charli told me to close the door and that she would let me know when she was ready to come in.  So that is just what we did.  Our child happily played in the snow and the parents stayed inside and watched through the window.  


Charli and Chad hammering the candy canes

Look at all those bags of marshmallows, peanut butter cups, and brown sugar

Dipping dried apricots in melted chocolate

Mommy's little helper...

So Charli and I did our Christmas baking yesterday.  We baked from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm!  We were sugared out buy the end of the day.  I don't think Charli actually consumed any nutrition the whole day, nor were we ever really hungry do to all the tasting, baking, and smelling all the goodness going on in our kitchen!  We made Peanut butter cookies with peanut butter cups, peppermint rice crispy treats, chocolate dipped apricots and carmel corn.   Yummy * Yummy * Yummy
Now we will package them up and send them off to all the lucky recipents on our treats list.  
Unfortunately it snowed yesterday, I have no 4 wheel drive and all the schools are closed today... so the shipping will have to wait until tomorrow.  

1st Annual Kids Christmas Party and Taylor's 3rd Birthday....

We had our 1st annual Kids Christmas Pary! Now that our group of friends has expanded by about 10 more bodies it has become apparent that we need to do a kid friendly party. We all had a blast and I think the adults had as much fun as the kids. The party was hosted by The Kennedy family. Taylor Kennedy's birthday is Christmas Eve so we also celebrated his birthday at the party. We thought it only fair to do his birthday first and then start the Christmas party. So.... Taylor got to open his presents, eat birthday cake, and enjoy his birthday evening and then we started the Christmas party. The kids drew names at our 1st Annual Thanksgiving Dinner with Friends. So at the Christmas party they exchanged gifts. The kids did fantastic and were so interested to see what they all got for eachother, and also what they were getting themselves. Charli drew Keegan's name and she got him a Lightning McQueen race track. Paige drew Charli's name and gave her a baby My Little Pony, that Charli has just fallen in love with. Tayor got a dress up trunk as one of his birthday gifts and that became a huge hit with all the kids. As you can see Charli enjoyed transforming into Cat Girl, with just her Dora panties and sparkely red socks, and also a Knight. Us adults also did a gift exchange. The night was really a lot of fun and we plan to continue this tradition.