Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Charli * James * Owen
bathing babies

Storytime before bed

And look at this...
we will be attending
that is right my child will be going into
Very exciting and scary at the same time.

So I really want to be posting about my amazing Mother's Day Spa Getaway...but I am waiting on pictures, so that will be the next post....stay tuned!
But for now I will talk about my life currently....let me just say it is a little out of control....and I want to be back at the wonderful Spa and be waited on all day. Last week I came down with a minor cold, no big deal, and I usually don't get sick and when I do it is the mild version of what everyone else has. I contribute my good immunities to the daycare that I run and all the little ones that I deal with on a daily basis. But this time around I was not so lucky to say the least. 7 of us lucky mommies went to an amazing spa in Reno this last weekend and I was without a voice for the whole trip, coughing followed and feelings of tiredness as well. I tried my best to ignore the symptoms while on our trip. When I returned home on Sunday I just collapsed and my cold took over....bummer! I have since then been fighting off a nasty cough, fatigue, and pink eye on top of it. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel but I want it to be here right now!!!! Is that too much to ask? Charli came down with pink eye last week and I was blessed with it as well this week.
The Behlke boys stayed the night last night because Amy has a conference out of town. All three kids had a great sleep over but caring for 3 littles really took it out of me. Dinner...Bath....PJ's....Brushing 3 sets of teeth.....Bedtime Story....and succesfully asleep by 9:30pm, really was more work than I had expected. I take care of children for a living so how hard could it be, but the evening time is different. Overall the kids were great and had so much fun. Charli and James shared Charli's bed laying opposite ends of eachother (James stole all the covers) and Owen slept on a bed next to the other two!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Lucky is a preview of some of my new Charli'z products! I am really enjoying adding new products to my line, and these dish towels have been a blast to make. What do you think?