Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Have I told you how amazing Tracy is?
Look at how she transformed Charli into a little fairy
flying to a flower!

I just love the coloring in this picture
of my little fairy!

Now this picture I have been wanting to take
for over a year now!
And I finally did it.
I just love it
look how the thread is just over flowing

Tracy came up with this one on her own
and I really like it.
So this is a sneak peak as to what is to come for Charli'z. I am working on designing new business cards and these first two pictures of Charli are in the running. I am happy with my current cards but am ready for a change....turn over a new leaf....start with something fresh! Green Baby Expo is fast approaching and I am ready for some fresh cards! I have been frantically sewing away on new Charli'z products that I am adding to my line, all of which will be available for purchase at Green Baby Expo on June 20th. Pixie skirts, fairy wands, childrens capes, embellished dish towels, lots of crayon, marker and pencil roll ups (I can't ever seem to make enough of these hot items) embellished shirts and onesies, and much more! I am only one woman with one sewing machine and one hot glue gun but I have faith that it will all be completed in time. I will need one large glass of wine after June 20th.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Decorating Easter eggs

Look at what the Easter Bunny brought Charli!
He also brought her a Ariel fish tank.
(The Easter Bunny scored at the dollar section at Target
That's one smart bunny!)

Hunting for eggs in our jammies!

Look at all the eggs I found!


A pink and black coordinating gift set
A onesie for a sweet baby named Alia
Pink and black Taggi
and a coordinating stitched gift card
Brown and Blue mod dot Taggi
Tie onesie
Coordinating VW gift card

Groovy guitar gift set
Onesie, Taggie and gift card
I recently put these gift sets together for some very special future babies! I hope they enjoy them as much as I had customizing them. I am always open to custom orders and it is so fun knowing who it is going to.
On a side note please check out Simple Bean's blog. I surprised Lilly with a birthday present and Jenni was so kind to post about it. Lilly I hope you love your Pixie!