Friday, March 27, 2009


Sorry about no pictures....2 posts in a row. But I have good reasons for the lack of pictures.

* The Plumlee Family....our good friends just surprised us with a Wii yesterday. The UPS guy pulled up to my driveway and handed us a box. I opened it up and with great surprise I found a Wii, two remotes and a LEGO's Star War game inside! I was speechless to say the least, and couldn't believe their generosity. I have to assume it is a thank you from them to us for helping them these last couple months with the playhouse Josh has been building for his daughters, Caitlin & Allison. Chad and Josh have either been on the phone or email these last couple months a lot. Chad guiding Josh on how to build a house.....small scale. I can't wait to visit The Plumlees and play in that little house! Now because of their nice gesture I really want a Wii Fit, maybe for Mother's Day!!!! I have been a good mommy all year.

*2 out of the 3 computers in our house have crashed and it is not looking good. I am really hoping to retrieve some saved crafty ideas, recipes, and whatever else I have saved from my
laptop. I really hope Chad can work his magic and save my info. I always thought it was crazy and so unneccesary to have 3 computers, I mean who really needs that many in one household. Well now I am thanking my computer savy husband for the 3 computers. I am also trying to figure out the in's and outs of this computer, so that is the reason for no pictures.

*Lilly I have to apoligize, your birthday gift has been sitting on my counter for about a month now, all packaged up and ready to ship, I just need to get it out to you. So again I hope you forgive me. I promise it will be going out really soon!

*I made Sally's baked spaghetti last night and it was so yummy. The whole family enjoyed it and we have a ton of leftovers. I love leftovers!

*I have had lots of Charli'z orders lately, almost too many that I am having a hard time keeping up. I am really not complaining because it is only a good thing, but trying to get my orders fullfilled and trying to stock up for Green Baby Expo, can be a bit challenging. Again I really am so thankful for all the orders.

*Tuesday I had a really great family meeting! My family has been turned upside down in a sense this last 8 months and all of us are trying to find our way. I have been somewhat of a roller coaster of emotions since August but I really think things are becoming more clear and positive for me.

*Earlier this week Charli and I planted our garden. The little seeds are in their little potted homes and are sitting in the kitchen window. Mid April we will plant them outside! I am crossing my fingers that they all take and grown into a fantastic garden for us to enjoy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


***There are too many March birthdays!!!!! 7 birthdays, I tell you 7 birthdays we will have been invited to and attended by the time this month is over! 3 of which are this upcoming weekend. With this said....I have decided that I do not want a March baby, so Chad and I will be skipping the month of June to conceive. There is just no need for the Finch family to add another birthday to the mix. Now don't get me wrong I am very honored to be invited or I should say Charli has been invited to 7 parties this month. but I am starting to feel burned out a bit and when April comes around I will be able to take a break from all the cake, presents, balloons and everything else that comes along with childrens birthday parties.
***All the children in my daycare including my own, had horrible coughs and runny noses last week. Noboby had a lack of energy with all the symptoms going around, so I felt like I was in the clear, because all last week I felt very healthy. Well come Saturday I started getting a sore throat and a cough. Then Monday morning I woke up with a full blown cold and it has carried into today. I am really hoping to kick this cold soon, hopfully by the weekend for those 3 birthday parties we will be attending.
***Also I woke up with a kink in my neck last Tuesday and it has carried into this week. Since having this kink, headaches have come on all day and nothing seems to be helping them. I have tried ibuprofin, excedrine, and aleve. My good friend Babette who is a massage therapist treated me to a massage on Saturday, hoping to help my kink go away but the kink is still there. So not fun and I never usually deal with body pain. I just want my neck to be back to normal soon.
***I have been dealing with some hormone issues this year and have been talking with with my midwife, Ellie about all of this. She had me take a saliva test to look at my estrogen, progesterone and cortisol levels. I took the test in February and when we got the results back, Ellie reviewed them with me and said that my estrogen and cortisol levels were normal but my progesterone levels were in the post menopausal range and almost at a zero. I should be reading in the premenopausal range which is 0.1 to 0.5, I am at .05. So Ellie recommended that I supplement with progesterone and also see an acupuncturist. So currently I am supplementing and seeing an acupuncturist. It has also been recommended that Chad and I take a break from trying to get pregnant for a while, which I am actually fine with and glad to have the pressure off for a while. I really don't know when we will start trying again, maybe after June or even after Charli starts school in August. I really like the idea of getting her settled in school and into a good school routine and then focus on getting pregnant. I am really proud of myself for being so carefree with the whole adding to our family, and I am such a believer in "it will happen when it is meant to happen" and this one "everything happens for a reason"
***Charli and I are planting seeds today for our garden. We will be planting carrots, tomatos big and small size, beets, squash, green beans, lettuce and cucumbers. I also bought a pack of sunflower seeds. I am planning to plant these in Charli's garden up against the fence and once grown to peak heigth they will be 6 to 7 ft high. I can't wait to see what Charli thinks of these huge flowers.
***I am finally catching up on my heaps and heaps of laundry. And my bathroom so needs a good cleaning but that is just not going to happen today.
***The other day Chad and Charli were peeing. Chad on the regular toilet and Charli on her little on next to the big potty. She looked over at Chad and said "Daddy I like your penis." Chad was speechless.....needless to say! Gotta love kids.
***Charli gets great enjoyment out of saying POOP, BUTT, STUPID, and sticking her tongue out at people. All of which are not things that are allowed in our house and she knows it. Gotta love that 4 1/2 yr old power.
***Green Baby Expo is fast approaching.....3 months to be exact, but who's counting. I have so many new products to add to my line and not enought time.

***Overall things are good in my life and I have a lot to be thankful for. It's just that at times, when I step back and take a look at what is going on and what I am trying to balance, I get overwhelmed. That is when I feel out of control. I really try to live in the moment and just day by day and that seems to help me not get overwhelmed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Front of the bag

The back with a big zippered pocket

Front of the bag with the flap up.
Two pockets for stuff

The inside of the bag
with three interior pockets.
I hired Glam Baby Designs to make Charli a messenger bag. I have been on a mission to find my child a school bag that is different than all those backpacks that you see all the kids carrying around, yet practical for her to use once she goes into Kindergarten in August. I searched on Etsy for a while and came across Glam Baby Designs and fell in love with her messenger bags. DeAnne and I talked out the details and what kind of bag I was wanting and then she created this master piece! I picked out a couple different fabric choices and showed them to Charli and almost instantly she was drawn to the birdy fabric. I can't say enough about how happy I am with this bag and even Charli's eyes lit up when we opened it up today! Thank you so much DeAnne for making Charli's messenger bag! Now for school to start....