Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Charli drew this picture yesterday
(Left to Right)
The Tin Man, Mommy in her favorite dress, Charli, Elliana, Jenna
I hope you like how you look Jenna
You have really long legs!

I have fallen in love with

Chico Chai!!!


My new creation of a sandwich.

Taa Daa!!!

Toasted sourdough, tofu (marinated in teriyaki sauce) then cooked in a pan, carrots, zuchini, cucumbers all sliced, cilantro, and a mayo-pesto-italian dressing spread. I dipped the sandwich in Teriyaki sauce today because it seemed a bit dry.


I could eat it everyday for lunch.

Charli finished off the rest of the tofu, and she would drink my whole chai if I let her!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I was out fabric shopping today
for The Nielson's
And look what I found!!!
I am so excited with my new findings!!!
It really is more fun to buy fabric
when you know who it is for.
So stay tuned as to what these fabrics
turn into.
This is just a small preview.
On a side note:
It is so strange for me to write
when my maiden name is
It just feels weird
to write it a different way
And let me tell you
there are so many variations

Friday, September 19, 2008


I came across The Nielson Family, in blog world recently, and have just been amazed by this whole family. They truly are the most amazing group of people with so much support for one another. You may have heard of them. So here is what I have gathered so far:
Stephanie & Christian Nielson were in a private airplane crash in Arizona on August 16, 2008. 30% of Christian's body was burned and 80% of Stephanie's body was burned. They are both currently being treated in a hospital in Arizona. These two amazing people have 4 children all under the age of 6. Claire, Jane, Oliver and Nicholas are all being care for by their most amazing aunts and uncles. Stephanie has a blog that her sister is keeping active and Courtney, Stephanie's sister is taking care of three of the children, she has her own blog I have been feeling very compelled to do something for this family and there 4 children. I finally decided I would make the children their own Softi and Taggi blankets from my Charli'z line. I am also considering throwing in a few Crayon Tote'z and Bib'z. I contacted this family by email and the children's Godmother responded, very delighted to have her Godchildren receive a little spoiling. I am so excited to actually be able to give these children something soft to hold on to and to hopefully put a smile on their face. These children seem so strong and resilient, through everything they have gone through. I can only ask that if I were in a similar situation, that my family and friends would do the same for me that The Nielson Family has done and is actively doing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Charli got a big girl swing for her birthday. She also chose to wear her pink and white cowgirl boots, out to play today! Chad put up the swing last night and the kids went crazy over the swing today. There was lots of waiting your turn, and is it my turn now, with the swing. Charli tried all the swinging angles, sitting on her bottom and swinging, laying on her tummy and swinging and sitting sideways, like it was a horse. I can remember swinging as a child, and I think it was one of my most favorite things to do.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I took this picture on September 2nd at 8:43 am
The exact time Charli was born
And this is the result.
Not exactly what I wanted
But I think this is what you get when you have a 4 yr old

Charli's 4th birthday party ended up being at The Behlke's house

Kelly made the very adorable Strawberry Shortcake cake.

The party turned out so fun

And all the kids had so much fun

Playing in the water

Riding bikes

And consuming lots of sugar!!!

The adorable Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Thank you Aunt Kelly

You did an amazing job!!!

I made personalized cookies for all the kids

and #4 cookies

All the kids decorated their name cookies

And of course the present chaos!!!

And Charli opend present with no pants on.

If you know Charli

It was impressive that she had her shirt on.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Here it is
Finally painted!
We busted out the painting skills
this last weekend.
The result is so cute
And we are all very happy with the PINK

This back wall is a darker pink

An accent wall.

Now we have to paint the polka dots

Build a bunk bed

And get a big girl bed!!!