Monday, July 27, 2009


I know that I am so far behind in my blog posts! We have been really busy this summer and time has just slipped by. So to try to catch up I thought I would post about the first of many outfits that I plan to make for Charli because yes it is baby is going to kindergarten in 2 weeks!!!! I am really happy with this skirt and matching tank top! It is the first time I have worked with elastic (for the skirts waistband) and I have to say it was so easy peasy! I really wanted the skirt to be more gathered and flowey but it is more of a straight skirt, so I decided to add a ruffle at the bottle and that seemed to really add some pizzaz and made me much happier. I bought the tank top from Walmart for $3.00 and added the coordinating skirt fabric to the top. Charli put it on today and instantly smiled and thanked me for making her this outfit.