Thursday, July 31, 2008


Chad's Dad turned 80 this month!!!
We had a surprise party for him and all of Chad's 6 siblings came.
We all had a great time and it was so good to see everyone.

Here is Charli and her cousin Alaska. They are about 7 mths apart in age.

I couldn't get over how much the two girls looked alike.

I made my first "Lapbook"

It really was a lot of fun creating this book and was so simple.

Here is the inside of the Lapbook.

It has so many little pockets and flaps with all kinds of interaction for kids.

I think this is my new preschool addiction.

Here is a new #4 shirt for Charli and her upcoming birthday.

I hav another shirt that I am working on for her to wear for her party.

Charli is going to be 4 in about a month now!!

I just can't believe how fast the time has gone.


So I know that I haven't posted in almost a month. It has been very over due for a new post. This month has really just flown by. I am currently trying to plan curriculum for the new school year that is coming up. All my daycare kids are 3 and 4 yrs old and are so ready to start up with some new projects and learning. I am really excited about integrating my phonics program that I bought a while back.

This weekend we are taking off to San Jose and Santa Cruz. Saturday we are going to visit the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose. Sunday we are going to Sea Cliff Beach in Santa Cruz. And if we have time on Sunday we are going to try to sneak in dinner at the warf in San Francisco. It will be a very fast 2 days but with lots of fun and very needed "getting out of town-ness" I will for sure post some pictures of our trip when we get home.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is what it looks like at my house. It is literally raining ash. There is a fire in Concow and Yankee Hill areas. For some reason we are getting all the ash.

I took this picture looking straight up from my front yard

Our lemon tree is covered.

As well as Charli's play structure.

The skys were just starting to clear up this last week and now we are back to where we started. I actually think it is worse, than when all the fires started. I just hope it all clears soon and we can go out and play. It is summer, you know and we are supposed to be out in the sun, swimming and enoying the long days. Instead we are all cooped up inside like it is winter.

Monday, July 7, 2008


We spent the 4th in Porterville at the Plumlee's house.
We had such a great time and I don't think any of us wanted to go home.

The kids decided to have a race in Caitlin's grandma's backyard.

Todd lined them all up and layed down the rules and then they took off!!!

Charli, Renton and Keegan eating lunch in the Plumlee's backyard

Charli and Daddy splashing in the pool

Todd and I took a lovely picture of ourselves.

Josh and Tammy were so kind to invite The McGregor's and us to spend the 4th at their house. We took them up on it and had a great time. The Plumlee's have a half acre lot and their backyard was such a great place for the kids to all run around. We never left the house the whole weekend. We pretty much swam, bbqed, played the Wii, napped and watched fireworks from their backyard. It was such a relaxing weekend that I think we all needed. Caitlin was a blast to have as a playmate and sweet Allison was so cute, she turned a month old Sunday. She for sure confirmed that I am ready for another little one! Chad lived in Porterville for a while and we hadn't been back for at least 5 years. Thanks again Plumlee's!!!