Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Decorating for Christmas....

Charli and Chad took on finding the perfect Christmas tree this year.  I on the other hand was so busy preparing gifts, running around, and sewing gifts like a mad woman, that the last thing I had time for was finding the perfect tree.  So one day in early December Chad asked me if he and Charli should just pick up a tree while they were out and about.  I very gladly agreed.  And I think they did a wonderful job!  I thought it also might be fun for the two of them to take on that task, Father * Daughter bonding time.
Charli was given the honors of putting the star on top of the tree....with a hoist from Daddy.  She also loved playing with our little wooden carved nativitiy scene.  It used to be my mom's and I always loved it growning up.  I am so glad that Charli is now getting a chance to enjoy it.