Friday, October 31, 2008


1.what i did before: I had a child..... I don't know. I probably had a lot of free time on my hands. I know I watched a lot more TV, went out to dinner when ever I wanted, read a book whenever I pleased. Napped when I was tired. Naps? What are those?

2. what i do now: I have a husband of 9 years, raise a daughter of 4 years, manage my two businesses. Daycare Provider of 5 years and Charli'z owner of 1 year. Currently I have 6 daycare children 5 days a week. Sew in my spare time for my Charli'z business. Watch House, recently addicted to this show.

3. what i'd like to do:Take an amazing vacation. Take Charli to Disneyland, some day. Have another child, make more hours in the day, Drink a nice cup of tea while soaking in a hot tub, have finacial stability, spend mor quality time with my daughter and husband.

4. what attracts me to my husband: He is patient and kind with Charli and myself. He knows when I need space, and allows for that to happen. Hates to see me upset, and trys everything in his power to fix it. Provides for our family with his incredibly stable job in this incredibly unstabe economic time. Loves me unconditionally, even when I look my worst or feel my worst. Is a very non -judgemental person, and respects that everyone has their own opinion.
5. favorite food: Hot and Sour Soup, Chinese Chicken salad, Mexican, Bean Tostada from La Comida with extra cheese and oil and vinegar dressing. YUMMY!!!

6. what i say most often: "Keep your hands to yourself" "You are only in charge of yourself and no one else" "Mommy needs some space" "Charli why are you not a little baby anymore, can I shrink you" "Use your words...PLEASE"

7. pick 7 other blogger: This was actually a lot of fun, I am usually not a big fan of these things. I only have 4 people to tag but here you go.... Kelly, Amy, Jenni and Sally. Have fun ladies.