Thursday, October 2, 2008


Happy 9th Anniversary to US. I am still in shock that it has been 9 years. Time really goes by too fast. Our wedding went off without a hitch........ well almost. Chad broke his arm 5 days before we got married. He was pitching hardball, and broke it while pitching. I think it was in the first inning, and once he fell down from the break, he looked around and asked "Did I get the guy out?" He refused meds in the ambulance ride to the hospital, we were told it was probably cancerous and he would need surgery. But once the orthopedic surgeon looked at Chad, he said it wasn't cancerous and that Chad would be fine. So they wrapped him up, gave him some pain killers and muscle relaxers and sent him home. We decided to cancel the vest Chad was going to wear with his tux and just have them remove the right sleeve of his shirt. I told him, as long as he showed up to the wedding, I didn't care what he was wearing. With all those drugs in his system, he was pretty much done by the end of the wedding. We pinned up his X-rays at the wedding. Everyone seemed to get a good laugh out of that one.


The next year approaching our 1st Anniversary, Chad did it again. 13 days to the day. He was playing on the same hardball team and broke his arm doing the same thing. He has since given up hardball and now plays softball.


Tomorrow we are going to celebrate. We have plans to have dinner at Benihana's in Sacramento. Charli is spending the night with Grandparents and we are getting out of town, for the night. I also ordered a cake from the bakery that made our wedding cake. Amaretto Mocha Latte. MMMmmm....


In these 9 years we have accumulated 4 cats, 3 dogs, 2 turtles, 5 fish. Not everyone is still with us. We have moved 4 times. Have gone through 9 cars, 2 of which we currently drive. Bought our 1st house. Have one child, our Charli, and are hoping to have another. Chad and I have done a lot of growing together. I think I love him more today than I ever have. He is the most amazing father, and Charli just adores him. I can only wish for many more amazing years ahead of us.


Morgan said...

Happy Anniversary, Kristin (and Chad)!! 9 What an accomplishment! You look exactly the same now as you do in your pictures. So beautiful!

That is so sad/funny about Chad's broken arm. Poor guy!

Jenna said...

happy anniversary! have fun on your getaway! its always fun to pretend you're on your honeymoon again! ;)

Addison's Mama said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!! 9 Years! That is amazing!!! :) I love those pictures!