Monday, November 3, 2008


After Trick or Treating at the Behlke's house

Charli and Daddy.
Charli got cold while trick or treating
So Chad
the nice daddy that he is
carried Charli the last bit of 
trick or treating

Little Red Riding Hood (Charli)
The Wizard (Brian)
Darth Vadar (James)
Storm Trooper (Owen)
All had a great time
Amy and I both agreed 
this was the best Halloween yet
with the kids

Darth Vadar and Little Red Riding Hood 
Trick or Treating 
on our road before heading up to the Behlke's
for more treat fun.

Our Little Red Riding Hood

Let me just give myself a pat on the back for this costume this year.  I really tried to reuse what we already had.  The white dress is Charli's flowergirl dress from Brooke's wedding this last summer, the white tights, we already had, the basket is a Toto the dog basket that we already had.  I bought the sparkle shoes from Target and the red cape was purchased from Etsy.  So proud of myself.  

We had a great time this Halloween.  We celebrated with The Behlke's, and Donnell's.  The kids really seemed to get the whole trick or treating thing this year.  Brian was hilarious this go round, I think he walked into 3 houses.  Literally opened the door and walked right in and helped himself to the candy.  It was so funny and he really had no idea that you are supposed to knock and then someone answers the door.....and then you get the candy.  In his mind it was just easier to help himself.  

Charli loved Halloween this year and could not wait to go trick or treating.  She started asking when we were going to go....the minute she woke up.  And about every 10 minutes after until we actually went.  It is soooooo hard to wait when you are 4, and there is so much build up for the big event.  From a mom stand point, I love that we didn't get loads and loads of candy.  Just enough to last us about a week or two and then all gone.

Now I have a question for anyone that may be able to help me out.  When I uploaded my pictures this time the last picture that I uploaded became the first on this post and so forth.  This seems like a new development for blogger and a bit frustrating for me.  


jenni said...

wow, Chari looks so pretty!

Morgan said...

Charli looks so cute!