Monday, October 20, 2008


Our side yard
Before the clean  up

More of the side area
It has been used to store lots of junk
And I am tired of it not being cleaned up

We moved Charli's play structure over to the newly cleaned up area
And we inherited a trellis from my mom
We are going to grow flowering vines on the trellis
Maybe some star jasmine or bogevillia.

Charli is so excited about her new flower garden!!!

Charli came up with the greatest idea!!!
She suggested painting the fence in her garden.
I thougth it was a super idea 
but didn't like the idea of painting it 
and then when the time comes to replace the fence
the mural on the fence goes down as well.
I suggested her and I paint some plywood instead of the fence
and then lean the wood up against the fence 
in her garden.

This new little cleaned up area was a nice do-able project that we tackled this last weekend.  Charli is soooo excited to have her very own garden.  It is right outside her bedroom.  So she can look out her windows and see her garden.  I have had this idea since we bought our house in 2003.  I always knew that our future children would be in that room and I thought how cute would it be to dress up that area of the yard, for our child.  
Charli and I are planning to visit "the flower store" as she likes to say, some time this week.  This is her garden so I am going to let her pick out whatever flowers she feels like planting in her garden.  The only things I am planning to do is control the two climbing rose bushes in there, by training them to grow along the fence.  And then every month buy the birthday flower for that month and eventually we will have every months flower in her garden.  I want to find little stakes so we can write who's birthday it is that month next to the flowers.  I passed this idea by Charli and she seemed to like it.  


jenni said...

wow! that looks perfect! I can't wait to have a house too.

Addison's Mama said...

Way too go! Looks great!! I can't wait to see it in person :)

The most popular said...

I LOVE this idea!!! It's the perfect place for a garden and I love that the kids will be so involved. My kids already love the space too!!!