Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So this is the damage we discovered in our neighbors yard on Friday. We had up to 60 mph winds and for whatever reason the tree in our yard couldn't withstand the wind. This tree completely missed our addition, and our neighbors house behind us. This tree was to be Charli's future tree house. It fell into the chain link fence that was right next to it, took out two panels of it, and landed in our neighbors yard. The tip of the tree hit our neighbors garage, enough to let water drip in. We have AAA insurance and they have been wonderful, our neighbor on the other hand has not. I will not be surprised if he trys to sue us for whatever reason. Friday was really a crazy day for us and a lot of other people as well. I have never seen winds that strong in this area. Some of our house wrap and roof wrap came off our addition but Chad was able to go out and secure it back on. our neighbor in front of us had a chimney fire and they had no idea about it. I called 911 while Chad drove over there to let them know. They have a wood stove so they just thougth that they had a good fire going and really did not know there was a flames coming out of their chimney. Then a couple houses down the chimney fire house, a tree fell right through a house and completely took out the roof and fell into the house. Those poor people, we don't know them but their house is not liveable. I can't even imagine the total cost of the damage that was caused. We never lost power but almost everyone around us did and for many days. Over all I feel very blessed that we are all okay and were not hurt. Children are truely amazing to me, Charli never seemed fazed by any of the chaos. She just kept on going like her normal self.