Monday, January 14, 2008

Charli and the dog vest!!!

So last night Charli got creative and put on Will's dog vest. Will was our Miniature Pinscher's vest. On a sad note, Will past away in late July, he was 13 and was hit by a car. He has been very missed since he left us. Anyways it was so hilarious to see Charli come out of my room with Will's vest on and that she was actually able to get in it and it some how looked like a mini dress. She then proceeded to put on my knee high leather boots. So funny and of course she just hammed it up for the camera. Another side note, Chad got me those boots for Christmas on Ebay. He bought them through Ebay Express and they were 99 cents and shipping was $11.00. I am not joking. I love them and they are so nice, I have always secretly wanted a pair of black boots. My husband did good.


the mccords said...

she looks very stylish!

Wilcock Family said...

This is too funny!! :)