Tuesday, January 29, 2008


We woke up to snow this morning and we probably have an inch altogether. Now I know that is not much to some peoples standards but 2 inches is usually our max. So any snow is fun for us.
I had to go out and take some pics of our house while it was snowing.
I bundled up Charli and her friend Keegan, so they could go play in the white stuff. Keegan had to borrow Charli's clothes. Sorry about the pink pants Kelly and Todd. He didn't seem to mind.
Charli licking the snow off the slide.
And of course we had to make snow angels.


Evergreen 6 Blog Spot said...
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The most popular said...

I love the snow!! Looks so pretty in your yard. Hilarious picture of Keegan in Charli's clothes, too funny! Sounds like maybe you'll be getting even more snow on Wed. night & Thurs.- we'll see!