Monday, January 14, 2008

Charli's First Haircut!!!

So Charli got her first haircut and didn't even know it!!! I had been contemplating wether or not to cut her hair. Actually I really only wanted to trim it. Her hair takes after Chad and I, we both have fine hair and not much of it. So as a result Charli got the same type of hair. And because I have never cut or trimed it, it was becoming pretty wispy and scragly.
I asked my mom to come over and she was willing to trim it. She used to cut my hair when I was growing up. So I had full comfidence that she would do a good job and Charli would actually cooperate with her. My mom cut off about 2 inches and it has done wonders for Charli's hair. It actually curls under naturally at the bottom and there seems to be some life to her hair. We saved her hair by sticking it to a piece of scotch tape. That peice of memorabilia will be going in the scrapbook.