Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So today I was blogging and went on C Jane's blog, that I keep up with on an almost daily basis. Well she posted that Nie Nie had a surprise on her blog, so....... I had to see what it was! I went there and of course cried my eyes out like I do every time I visit their blogs. You will too....just wait. So after reading this post.... go to their blogs and read the entries and watch the video by Christian, Nie Nie's husband.
So after watching Christian's video it made me realize that I have been such a slacker in sending off these Softi'z and Taggi'z to those 5 amazing children. 4 of which are Christian & Stephanie's and 1 The Chief being C Jane's. I couldn't leave him out!
I am putting my Christmas Boutique sewing on hold and am going to finish writing my letter to this family that will accompany the gifts.
I have been crazilly sewing away trying to stock up for my Christmas Boutique, that is fast approaching. My house has been neglected because of this, my child needs a bath (which she will be getting tonight) I need to pack for our Thanksgiving travels, we leave in the morning, but that can wait till tonight. For now I will write my letter to this amazing family that has been through soooooo much and yet has the most amazing outlook on life. I aspire to The Nielson's (I almost wrote Nielsen). I will finish this letter, and race on down to the post office today and send it off. After doing so.......a great weight will be lifted off my shoulders, knowing that I have finally completed my gifts to the Nielson and Kendrick family.
Enjoy.... and I would love to hear what you think of the Nielson's and their amazing family and overall strength.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.