Monday, November 24, 2008


Us Finches at Christmas Preview 2008

Charli sitting with Santa
She sat on his lap
all by herself!!!!
And even smiled.
I was so proud of her.

Look at these two cousins
So sweet
Their eyes light up every time they are together.

Charli watching the Nutcracker dancers
outside Kat's Meow.
I think she was truly mesmerized.

Charli, Renton and Keegan
taking a ride in the wagon.

We had so much fun this year at Christmas Preview! All the kids had a great time and seemed to really enjoy the Christmas spirit that is truly put on every year by Christmas Preview. Everyone seems to really be in the Christmas spirit. All the stores are open in downtown Chico and they serve cookies and cider and you can just walk around and take it all in. We got a great spot in line to see Santa and almost everyone enjoyed sitting on Santas lap. Owen and Keegan cried but they are the youngest out of the bunch. My little monkey was amazing. She was a bit hesitant at first but then just walked right up to Santa, sat on his lap and gave the biggest, happiest smile. She was also so happy that he gave her a piggy bank and a candy cane afterwards.
I did make my way into one store, Kat's Meow. A nice little childrens boutique, Chad used to work with the owners husband, so we always like to support their store when we can. Such a fun store to check out whenever I am downtown. I was able to cross one more item off Charli's list! WWWOOO HHHOOO. Charli recently told me she wants an iron from Santa. I thought she was kidding but no she stuck to it. So of course I went on a mission to find her a child size iron and ironing board. I was successful....I found a vintage iron on Etsy, for $6.00 and last night at Kat's Meow I found an ironing board for $19.00. Just Charli's size! I am now going to cut up some of my fabric and put it in a basket and Charli can use it as her own fabric to iron! I am so excited for her to open this gift on Christmas morning. She watches me sew all the time and enjoys hidding under my ironing board when I am ironing and my fabric is draping over the side. And before we know it she will have her very own set. I really think she is going to enjoy this very unexpected gift. Last year it was the dollhouse....this year iron and ironing board.


jenni said...

I like that vision you and Charli ironing together! what fun little girls are! I got my freezer paper at wal-mart. I think it is in most grocery stores with the foil and ziploc bags. I got a HUGE thing of it. Too bad we aren't neighbors you could have some of mine!

Morgan said...

Great pictures, Kristin! Charli is so cute on Santa's lap. And, I love that she wanted an iron. With the ironing board that is a very fun gift. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping....ugh!