Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Juliette, Charli, Gracie, Hailey, Kiley
waiting patiently for the bus to arrive

Charli & Gracie's first bus ride, ever!
Kids where excited
Parents where nervous

Amy helping Charli grind the corn

Gracie's perfect pumpkin

Charli's perfect pumpkin

The Curious George Class

TJ Farms was a very fun filled day for The Curious George class. The Kindergartener's rode the bus to the pumpkin patch and then Amy, Owen and I met them there in my car. The kids got to grind corn, feed the farm animals, pick out the perfect pumpkin (Mrs. Levin told them, the perfect pumpkin is one that you can carry all by yourself) they also got to play in a hay maze. Charli had a great day until she noticed that her "perfect pumpkin got mud on her, and then it was all over as we know it. Mrs. Levin got to see Charli's dark side that day. Charli threw one of the biggest fits, even I was impressed. I pretty much ignored her and put on a happy face as she melted down. Eventually Charli recovered...in her own time...and we were able to enjoy the rest of our day. After TJ Farms, Amy, James, Owen, Charli and I went to lunch and also to the candy store for some very yummy gelato.