Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Charli and James in their adorable shirts that Amy made!
They really are the graduating class of 2022
Is that crazy or what!!!

I also made Mrs. M and Mrs. Levin matching shirts!

Mrs. M is the Clifford class
Mrs. Levin is the Curious George class
I also sewed their room numbers each shirt

I also sewed a linking monkey shirt for Mrs. Levin!
Both teachers loved their shirts
I was so excited to make these two amazing teachers shirts!

Oct 2nd was Matching Outfit day at school! Amy and I knew exactly what Charli and James would wear on this day! Over the summer Amy sewed matching shirts for Charli, James and Renton. The three kids who would be going into Kindergarten in Aug. We got so many responses from parents and teachers when Charli and James wore their shirts this day. 2022 seems so far away, it is crazy! I also wanted Mrs. Levin (Charli's teacher) and Mrs. M (another Kindergarten teacher) to have matching shirts. They both loved their matching shirts.