Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My little scarecrow!

Mrs. Levin reading the class a story
Charli was picked to be the helper of the day
notice her sitting in the special chair
in front of the class

Taking pictures outside the classroom
in front of the art wall
with the class scarecrow

Chad took the day off to par-take in the special day.
helping Charli make a crow

Charli passing out the cookies and Halloween candy
that we put together for the class

Look at all those cute Scarecrows!

This was a super fun day in Kindergarten! All five Kindergarten classes participated in this day, and each class had special things going on in their classerooms. Charli's class had face painting (I got to paint faces!), make a crow craft, and games. The school plans a theme for each grade and Kindergarten takes the Scarecrow theme. This is how the school gets around letting kids wear their Halloween costumes to school. Chad took the day off work to par-take in the festivities and I think he had as much fun as the kids.