Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Charli drew this picture yesterday
(Left to Right)
The Tin Man, Mommy in her favorite dress, Charli, Elliana, Jenna
I hope you like how you look Jenna
You have really long legs!

I have fallen in love with

Chico Chai!!!


My new creation of a sandwich.

Taa Daa!!!

Toasted sourdough, tofu (marinated in teriyaki sauce) then cooked in a pan, carrots, zuchini, cucumbers all sliced, cilantro, and a mayo-pesto-italian dressing spread. I dipped the sandwich in Teriyaki sauce today because it seemed a bit dry.


I could eat it everyday for lunch.

Charli finished off the rest of the tofu, and she would drink my whole chai if I let her!!!


Jenna said...

yay! i'm finally the tall one! her drawing is sooo cute! i'll have to show elliana! and i LOVE chico chai too! did you get it from farmer's market?

Wilcock Family said...

YUMMY! That lunch looks delicious!! Addison eats tofu all the time and loves it too! :)