Friday, September 19, 2008


I came across The Nielson Family, in blog world recently, and have just been amazed by this whole family. They truly are the most amazing group of people with so much support for one another. You may have heard of them. So here is what I have gathered so far:
Stephanie & Christian Nielson were in a private airplane crash in Arizona on August 16, 2008. 30% of Christian's body was burned and 80% of Stephanie's body was burned. They are both currently being treated in a hospital in Arizona. These two amazing people have 4 children all under the age of 6. Claire, Jane, Oliver and Nicholas are all being care for by their most amazing aunts and uncles. Stephanie has a blog that her sister is keeping active and Courtney, Stephanie's sister is taking care of three of the children, she has her own blog I have been feeling very compelled to do something for this family and there 4 children. I finally decided I would make the children their own Softi and Taggi blankets from my Charli'z line. I am also considering throwing in a few Crayon Tote'z and Bib'z. I contacted this family by email and the children's Godmother responded, very delighted to have her Godchildren receive a little spoiling. I am so excited to actually be able to give these children something soft to hold on to and to hopefully put a smile on their face. These children seem so strong and resilient, through everything they have gone through. I can only ask that if I were in a similar situation, that my family and friends would do the same for me that The Nielson Family has done and is actively doing.