Thursday, September 4, 2008


Here it is
Finally painted!
We busted out the painting skills
this last weekend.
The result is so cute
And we are all very happy with the PINK

This back wall is a darker pink

An accent wall.

Now we have to paint the polka dots

Build a bunk bed

And get a big girl bed!!!


Morgan said...

Love it! I'm a total girly girl pink lover (which is exactly why I have 3 boys!). You guys did such a great job. It, also, really makes me want to own a house, so we could actually paint.

Wilcock Family said...

Very cute!!!! I love it!!
I love the light on the wall, we almost bought that for Addison's room when she was bon- too cute!!
I really need to call you and catch up- been gone a lot during the day the past few days and will be gone today doing some things but I will try to give you a call this weekend.
Love ya!!