Wednesday, March 26, 2008


James and Charli have known eachother since the womb
James was born May 21, 2004
Charli, Sept 2, 2004
I have taken care of James in my daycare since he was very little.
James, for quite some time now, has been saying that Charli
is going to marry him.
Today they took turns watering the flowers outside
had a blanket blanket fight on my bed
James tried to hand feed Charli during lunch
and he was whispering in her ear, something about a wife
during lunch.
They put their heads together like this
and I had to take a picture.
These two have had their moments
but today they seem to be really enjoying eachothers company!!!


The most popular said...

*sniff*sniff* I can't comment right now because I'm crying!!! They can't grow up!!!!!!!

Jenna said...

that is so adorable. its so good to have little friends. :)

Wilcock Family said...

OH my gosh how cute she is!! She is getting so big!