Friday, March 28, 2008


Chad showing Charli how to hold the golf club

Charli hit the ball!!!

Gearing up to take a ride in the golf cart

Hitting the ball on the green

Posing with Grandpa Bill


Chad finally took Charli out golfing today. They went to Paradise Pines Golf Course, in Magalia. Grandpa Bill has a membership there and it is a very low key course. It was a true father daughter outing. Mommy had to stay home and work. Chad said that Charli golfed all 9 holes and had a great time! He helped her the first few holes but then she told him she wanted to do it all by herself. She is so much like her dad. I do not have that stubborn/determination in me, it comes directly from the Finch side of the family. I did tell Chad that there is no way he is gonna be able to go golfing by himself anymore, he is forever going to have a golfing shadow.


Wilcock Family said...

This is so sweet!! I can't believe how big she is getting!! Can't wait to see you guys! We will have to get a picture of her and Addison together! :)