Monday, March 24, 2008


This is a book that I received from my great aunt Mosie
when I was 2yrs old.
I have had it ever since
My mom used to read it to me all the time.
I can remember sitting and listening to her voice while she read this book
The pictures are so detail oriented and just so great.
Charli has recently discovered this book
It has been sitting on a shelf in my bedroom.
I pulled it out and read it to her the other day.
She has been requesting to look at it a lot since.
This book brings back so many memories
of when times where simpler,
being a child.
Charli told me today
" Mama I want you to be the applesauce,
and I can be the rain.
Daddy can be the cherries"


Brittany said...

Love this book. I am going to have to pick that up for Ada.

The most popular said...

Oh, how I love children's books! Whenever anyone asks what my favorite books are, my kids' books are always the first that come to my mind! So many good memories of having them read to me when I was little, and now reading them to my kids. Thanks for sharing this one, I'll have to get it for the boys!