Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is my newest creation. I am piecing together a blanket for Charli for Christmas. All the fabric that I have been working with over the past 6 months or so, I have cut into squares and am sewing them together to make a scrap's blanket for Charli. She has been to the fabric store with me almost every time, she goes to my mom's with me when I have sewing to do for my Chalri'z products and gifts that I have made. She know's that I make baby products and is so good at not being or showing jealousy towards wanting one of her own, she just has accepted that this is what I do and she is there to watch it all. So I decided that she deserves a blanket made out of all the fabric I have used to make my Charli'z softi'z, bib'z and pad'z. When I told her I was making her a blanket, her eyes got so big and she had the biggest smile on her face. i think she was in disbelief that I was actually making something for her!!! i am really happy with what I have so far, and am cofident that it will be wrapped and tucked under out Christmas tree in time for Christmas morning.


Jenna said...

charli will LOVE her quilt! when i finally made elliana her quilt she was so excited and won't sleep without it now! i love that you used all your scraps! it will be sort of a "memory quilt" for you too, to look back at where you started and the fabrics you surrounded yourself with. can't wait to see it and feel all the textures! :)

Wilcock Family said...

you are absolutely amazing!! So creative! I love your style!!