Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Here are some Thanksgiving pictures. The only family picture I managed to get was of us in the morning before we showered. We were all lounging around and I took the oportunity to snap a picture of us. I love the one of Chad and Charli on the couch together. Charli looks so happy. She truely is a daddies girl!!! After Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's, Charli thought it would be fun to play with the drmum sticks. They were almost bigger than her head. Silly girl. We had a great Thanksgiving this year. It was the first time that I have had Thanksgiving with my mom and that side of the family. I am usually spending it with my dad's side of the family. This year it was a nice change, and I really can't believe I am almost 30 and have never spend Thanksgiving with my mom. Well it all turned out great. We had lots of dessert, as it should be and lots to eat for dinner. I made three things to share, a creamy apple pie, persimmon cookies and yams with apples topped with butter and sugar.


Wilcock Family said...

How cute!!! I know our little one will be a daddys girl as well- so excited!! :)