Sunday, November 11, 2007

Charli's first stitches!!!

So Charli got her first stitches on Thursday!!! We have all been trying to deal with this new thing the best we can, amazingly Charli is acting her normal self and is in great spirits depite what she has been through. So to make a long story short: Thursday afternoon Zilba our dog was asleep on the couch and Charli some how startled/scared him and he unfortunately reacted by bitting her in the face. He has never shown any anger or agression towards Charli, so I really believe he was taken by surprise, I do not think it was out of anger. We love our dogs and Charli does as well. So as a result Charli has some stitches on her right upper cheek, her right ear and some bruising on her lower left cheek. Thursday we rushed to the ER and it was recommended that a plastic surgeon do the procedure so we agreed. The surgeon suggested the best way to do the stiches was to have her awake and just numb the area that needed stitches. Well to do that to a 3 yr old you have to wrap them tight like a mummy. That was about a terrible an experience as when she got the bit. She really was a trooper through the whole ordeal!!! Our dogs have taken a step down in the family and currently when in the house do not free access to where ever Charli is. She has shown interest in petting them but does ask "Mommy will Zilba bite me?" When she goes to pet them. I do reasure her that he won't bit her but we always need to be nice to our doggies. It has given us a wake up call that dogs are animals and even though you might have to nicest dog, you never know how they will react to something.


Wilcock Family said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor thing! :( She looks like she is in good spirits though which is good! :)

Jenna said...

poor charli! glad you guys are all recovering well. she's a trooper! see you wednesday!

laura said...

Oh my god! Poor Charli! I am sorry that Zilba bit her, and that you had to go through this. I am happy to see that she is okay and in good spirits. The stitches look really good, it seems that the wounds will heal nicely.

Hope all is well. Lots of love,