Friday, August 14, 2009


James, Renton and Charli
are the future class of
Amy made these cute shirts
for these three kids
who are all going into Kindergarten

August 11, 2009
The first day of school!

This is one of my favorite pictures!

Charli with her new school bag!

Rug time in Mrs. Levin's class

Charli and Mommy doing the first project together.

It's official....Charli is in Kindergarten, and we have completed a week of school already! Charli is really loving her new class, her teacher Mrs. Levin (we just love her), making new friends, and she brought home her first packet of homework today! It is all very exciting! We have had some ups and downs at home lately but overall things are going well in our household. I know that we will all get into this new routine and everyone will be fine.

Tuesday was a parent/student orientation at school from 8:15 to 10:00. Chad took the day off, and was able to participate in the day too! Mrs. Levin introduced herself to the class, sent the kids off on a tour of the school while she went over her program with the parents. The kids came back to class about 30 mins later and we participated in a project of getting acquainted with the classroom.

Wednesday, second day of school from 7:55 to 11:15. Charli had a rocky morning and wanted to wear the same outfit from the day before. Finally she found an outfit that would work. Thank goodness because there was no way I could let her wear the same outfit on the second day of school. She had a great day at school, but that was about as far as her good mood lasted. I think she left it at school or gave it to Mrs. Levin. Melt down after melt down with me for the rest of the day.

Thursday, 3rd day of school was a great day! Home behavior not so much but really it was only 2 outburst for me, so I can't complain too much.

Friday, 4th day of school, again another great day at school. Charli had a hard time when it was time for me to leave. This afternoon has been fine though. She is currently asleep at 2:40 in the afternoon. I know that she has got to be tired from this very new routine we are all on, and all the new everything she is taking in at almost 5 yrs old!!!


Native American Momma said...

my sister was like that. In third grade she finally told me that she wouldn't pee at school and she screamed at mom because she wanted to get to the bathroom, but it kinda snowballed most days into a huge fight for the rest of the day.

Anyways, it could be something really random like that. I am sure you'll figure it out (in less then three years) and things will get back to happiness soon