Friday, August 14, 2009

JULY 2009

July 3rd
we attended the Chico Outlaws game
and enjoyed fireworks after the game.
It was Charli's first baseball game!

We took turns painting eachothers hands for
future canvases in our bathroom.
I am planning to re-paint our bathroom
I am going with a brown, cream & orange theme.

We went camping with all our good friends
in Lake Almanor
the kids had a blast
swimming, eating smores, getting dirty!

Charli had such a great time in her Summertime Tot's class
She loved Teacher Lori and all the activites she planned
The kids had bike days, swimming days, art activities!

All of us friends threw Brooke a baby shower
for her soon to be surprise twins!
Kelly made the peas in a pod cake
Brooke got some great gifts
I think Brooke enjoyed having some company for the day.
Since being on bed rest.

I enrolled Charli in a week long dance camp
at the ballet studio where she takes ballet
It was M-F from 8:30 to 12:00
the last week in July.
On the last day
all the kids put on a performance for the parents.

The Hula!!!

I finally got my camera up and running again
after sitting on the shelf for about 2 yrs.
I also bought myself a hand crafted camera strap
I couldn't resist when Jenna told me she added these products to her line.
Her shop is currently on vacation but you should check her out anyways
You can check her out at: