Friday, March 27, 2009


Sorry about no pictures....2 posts in a row. But I have good reasons for the lack of pictures.

* The Plumlee Family....our good friends just surprised us with a Wii yesterday. The UPS guy pulled up to my driveway and handed us a box. I opened it up and with great surprise I found a Wii, two remotes and a LEGO's Star War game inside! I was speechless to say the least, and couldn't believe their generosity. I have to assume it is a thank you from them to us for helping them these last couple months with the playhouse Josh has been building for his daughters, Caitlin & Allison. Chad and Josh have either been on the phone or email these last couple months a lot. Chad guiding Josh on how to build a house.....small scale. I can't wait to visit The Plumlees and play in that little house! Now because of their nice gesture I really want a Wii Fit, maybe for Mother's Day!!!! I have been a good mommy all year.

*2 out of the 3 computers in our house have crashed and it is not looking good. I am really hoping to retrieve some saved crafty ideas, recipes, and whatever else I have saved from my
laptop. I really hope Chad can work his magic and save my info. I always thought it was crazy and so unneccesary to have 3 computers, I mean who really needs that many in one household. Well now I am thanking my computer savy husband for the 3 computers. I am also trying to figure out the in's and outs of this computer, so that is the reason for no pictures.

*Lilly I have to apoligize, your birthday gift has been sitting on my counter for about a month now, all packaged up and ready to ship, I just need to get it out to you. So again I hope you forgive me. I promise it will be going out really soon!

*I made Sally's baked spaghetti last night and it was so yummy. The whole family enjoyed it and we have a ton of leftovers. I love leftovers!

*I have had lots of Charli'z orders lately, almost too many that I am having a hard time keeping up. I am really not complaining because it is only a good thing, but trying to get my orders fullfilled and trying to stock up for Green Baby Expo, can be a bit challenging. Again I really am so thankful for all the orders.

*Tuesday I had a really great family meeting! My family has been turned upside down in a sense this last 8 months and all of us are trying to find our way. I have been somewhat of a roller coaster of emotions since August but I really think things are becoming more clear and positive for me.

*Earlier this week Charli and I planted our garden. The little seeds are in their little potted homes and are sitting in the kitchen window. Mid April we will plant them outside! I am crossing my fingers that they all take and grown into a fantastic garden for us to enjoy!


Addison's Mama said...

Kristin- I am so glad you enjoyed the spaghetti. It's such a fun recipe. How fun to have a Wii. Rich has wanted one for a while now, we just haven't gotten around to gettine one. Everytime we consider it he says he doesn't need it. I think it could be fun to have though :) I miss you. I really want to plan a vacation out there before this baby is born. Maybe in May. I would love to see you and visit my family.