Thursday, March 12, 2009


Front of the bag

The back with a big zippered pocket

Front of the bag with the flap up.
Two pockets for stuff

The inside of the bag
with three interior pockets.
I hired Glam Baby Designs to make Charli a messenger bag. I have been on a mission to find my child a school bag that is different than all those backpacks that you see all the kids carrying around, yet practical for her to use once she goes into Kindergarten in August. I searched on Etsy for a while and came across Glam Baby Designs and fell in love with her messenger bags. DeAnne and I talked out the details and what kind of bag I was wanting and then she created this master piece! I picked out a couple different fabric choices and showed them to Charli and almost instantly she was drawn to the birdy fabric. I can't say enough about how happy I am with this bag and even Charli's eyes lit up when we opened it up today! Thank you so much DeAnne for making Charli's messenger bag! Now for school to start....