Monday, August 4, 2008


I need help!!! In the meal planning department that is. I feel like I am in a rut as far as what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It seems we have been eating the same meals every week and I am buying the same groceries every week. I know we need to change it up a bit in our house. So I am asking for any and all ideas for new and exciting meals. Tell me what you and your family eat and what your family meals are. I am open to any suggestions.


jenni said...

Hi Kristin, I was feeling the same way. I decided to pick one cookbook to use for one or two weeks and only use that for recipes. Then I try to use the meat, poultry, or veggie that is on sale at our local grocery store. That way the main dish ingredient is usually varied too. The website below has a ton of ideas with their Menu Plan Monday. A lot of people post their menus.

Alli said...

Kristin, I know exactly what you mean! I take the ads of what's on sale for the week including meats, veggies, fruits, etc. I buy according to the sales. Then, I go to my favorite website and use the search engine based on what I bought for a recipe. I'll do that for about a month, save all the recipes I used and then rotate through them for another month, then search for more.

Brittany said...

Hey Kristin! I love your new look both hair and blog :) You are so creative with your awesome ideas for the preschoolers. . .the lap book!!!
Here is a recipe that I have used several times this year for friends who have just had babies. So easy and it is always a big hit.

Taco Bake:

Mix the following:

* 1/2 lb browned ground beef
* 1 can tomato soup
* 1 cup salsa
* 3/4 bag cheddar cheese (2 cup bag of cheese so 1.5 cups)
* 6-8 torn up flour tortillas

put mixture in baking pan and sprinkle with remaining cheese

Back @ 350 for 30 minutes and you are done.

Told you it was easy! Hope you enjoy :)

How is the house btw?