Thursday, August 14, 2008


There seems to be lots of things going on in my life all at once. Some good and some I am having to get used to.

* I am still liking my new hair style. It is really easy to do and seems to stay cute for the whole day. That is a big bonus, given that I have kids in my house all day and by the end of the day I don't feel so pretty. The only thing I am not so much liking is that not all my hair will go up. The hair at the back of my neck is pretty short and will not stay up. But otherwise I am able to bobbie pin the majority up and get it out of my face.

*I recently purchased a set of alphabet and number cookie cutters. I was so excited when these two things were delivered. I am starting curriculum with the kids next week. We will be learning a letter a week. I can cut out sandwiches, quesadilla's, cookies or whatever else to coordinate with the letter or number that we are currently learning. I am also planning to make #4 cookies to have at Charli's 4th birthday party.

*Speaking of Charli's upcoming birthday. I have not quite come to terms with the fact that Charli is turning 4 soon. Which means that she is that much closer to going to Kindergarten. We won't even go there. I just get emotional when I think about that. Anyway's Charli's past birthday parties have always been held at Bama's house. It has always been such a great location for her birthday. Well we have had some family changes as of late and it seemed aparent to me that maybe we should change the location of her party this year. I decided that a local park here in Paradise would be a good new location for this year. While I know Charli is fine with the new plan I am having to come to terms with this. Change is just hard sometimes.

*One of the gifts Charli is getting for her birthday is a big girl bed. She is soooooo excited about it and asks me on a regular basis when she is getting her bed and when is it going to be her birthday. I have hung a calendar in her room and every day she crosses off a day to count down to her birthday and her party. It is some what helping but it is just so hard to wait when you are 3 yr old. In Charli's words " mom it is going to take a hundred years!!!"
Once she gets her new bed there will be no more crib, and Charli will offically be a big girl and not a baby anymore. All you mom's know what I mean. I am having a hard time with this one as well.

* We are planning to add to our family as soon as possible. Charli keeps telling me that she has the baby in her tummy and do I have one in mine. I tell her I don't have one yet but hopefully soon. She does go back and forth about wanting a brother or a sister. Usually she says she wants a sister and she is going to name it Charli just like her. So we shall see.


jenni said...

wow, congrats!! I am glad things are going well. Are you still thinking of adopting too?