Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So we did it! We have turned off our Directv. We made the decision last week trying to find ways to cut costs. I have been feeling like TV is a wasted cost anyways and I don't actually watch that much TV as it is. Sports are important to Chad and Charli watches Noggin and Nick Jr., but she has a million movies. I on the other hand if I am lucky, sneak in a viewing of Jon and Kate + 8 but that is about it, if the TV is available. Chad was a bit reluctant at first but he gave in pretty quickly when he learned he can either listen to Giant's games on the radio or online. Charli has actually been enjoying watching her movies. As a result I have noticed that the TV is on less in this house and I think we are actually surviving no TV and really enjoying ourselves more. Chad and I have gotten into a routine of watching a show on DVD when we get in bed at night. So it is all working out. DVR, HD channels and recorded shows were a nice luxury but they are not needed. We will survive.


jenni said...

good for you! we are thinking of getting rid of cable once our sweet deal is over. thanks for inspiring us! and see you soon!

Wilcock Family said...

Oh so familiar! :) We did this exact same thing after Addison was born. It's was hard since I had so many shows I watched and loved but it gives me so much more time to spend with her and Rich so it's worth it ;)