Thursday, May 8, 2008


So this last week our computer decided to take a vacation on Saturday. Chad just got it back up and running last night. I am so happy to not be cleansing my system of no computer. The other day I stood over my laptop and yelled " I really need to check my email, I need you to work!" then I got over my frustration and decided I was computer cleansing. I will admite that I got a lot more things done without the computer. So overall it was a good and bad thing.

As of 4 weeks ago, Charli is potty trained!!! I am a big believer that children will do it on their own terms. And she did!!! I knew she was getting close and I had confidence that it would just happen one day, and it did. As far as pooping, that is a different story. For the most part she will poop in her panties or her pull up, but she is very aware that she needs to go. She just won't sit long enough on the potty. So we are getting there and my experience with other children is that it can take a while understanding the whole pooping thing. Otherwise we are all so proud of her and she is of herself!!! As a result of becoming potty trained, I am planning to enroll her in a preschool class this summer through the Rec center. James took this class last summer and just loved it. It is a two day a week class for about 2 hours a time. Charli has never been in an evironment where I drop her off, so I think and am trying to stay hopeful that it will go well for her and I. She will be with James, her true buddy so I think it will be a great experience for her.
Now for the family update: Chad and I went on a date last Friday and got to talking about our future adoption of our future child. All along we have planned to adopt from China, but this last year some things have been coming up for us to make us doubt the China adoption. So we started talking on our date about what other options we have. For some reason i just dawned on me that we should explore Fost-adopt. After doing a bit of research this last week we have decided that is the absolute best option for our family! We are planning to start the process right away. We have to become qualified as Foster Parents and that process is about 6 months. From there you wait to be matched with a child. The child has to be in your foster care for 6 months before they are able to be adopted. So we are very excited and I am hopeful we will be on our way to add to our family within this next year. If we took the China route we would have adopted a girl, 95% of orphans over there are female. So you pretty much plan on adopting a girl. With this new plan we are considering a boy. Actually Chad really wants a boy! I on the other hand think we need to be open to a girl or a boy and see what is best for our family. We are very excited and can't wait to give Charli a future brother or sister. I am having a hard time imagining another little one in our house and that my heart will be able to love two children. I know it is possible, I have many friends around me with multiple children. For me it always takes time to sink in when I am entering a new journey in my life. I also have been trying to remind myself that God has a plan for me and it will all work out for the best. I have been praying a lot lately.


jenni said...

Nice work Charli!! I too feel I will let Lilly decide when to potty train so I am glad to have evidence for it! Congrats on your decision!! Can you do this process through Youth for Change or is a different agency? I really admire you three!

The most popular said...

WELCOM BACK! I missed you while you were "computer cleansing"- not a good thing. YAY FOR CHARLI!!! James & I are so proud of her! You know you have our full support of you and Chad on this fost-adopt journey. We are so excited about your family expansion! I can't wait to meet your "new addition" sooner than later! We are really looking forward to walking through this jorney as your friends with you. Love you guys!

Wilcock Family said...

Oh Kristin I am so excited for you guys! I think you guys made a great decision and I can't wait to see pictures of this new little one.
And great job Charli!!! AWESOME!!!!!!