Thursday, December 13, 2007

They are multiplying!!!

9 cookie cutters
10 oranges
11 juices pouches
6 Letters of the alphabet

I am making a numbers book for Charli for Christmas. It is a book of things from 1-20. I have had to get pretty creative with some of the items to add up to a certain number, but overall it has been fun and I think she is really gonna like it when it is complete. She has no idea that I am making this book for her so please don't tell her if she asks. I was lining things up today and taking pictures and she kept asking me "Mommy what are you doing?'' I would just simply reply " Oh just taking some pictures of your toys, isn't it fun!!!"


Wilcock Family said...

You are absolutely amazing! You are so creative and so talented! I love you to pieces!!