Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Matching dish towels and pot holders. Funky Cats
Dick and Jane dish towels and pot holders.
Lemon and orange dish towels
Charli's first monogram shirt!!!
I sewed on Finch and the # 3 to the back. It looks like a jersey. It really turned out cute and Charli loves her new updated shirt.

So my dish towels and pot holders are some Christmas presents for some family members. I have tried to be crafty this Christmas. Since starting my Charli'z business I have been very inspired to make, sew or craft things instead of buying them and waisting money. I always enjoy something hand made than store bought. So I hope all my gifts are well liked and loved this year. All of these were so easy and not too time consuming.


Jenna said...

very cute towels! and charli's shirt is adorable! way to go mom! i'm sure she loves it! elliana loves her "E" shirt too!