Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My little girl turned 5!
I can't believe how fast the last 5 yrs has gone!
Charli you have changed mine & your daddy's lives in so many ways
I can't imagine life without you.
I love you so much

I love your sweet little smile in this picture.
You really enjoyed your party.

Emily, Kadence & Charli
on the twisty slide.

Kadence & Charli
having a great time!

Charli admiring her beautiful
Hello Kitty cake
created by my amazing friend

Charli so excited to receive her very own camera
from Brookie!
She asked Brookie for a camera for her birthday
back in March
and of course Brooke fulfilled Charli's wishes!

Look at all these very patient friends
watching Charli open her presents!

Charli's birthday party was a great success! This year we held her party at a local park and everyone that attended had a great time! My wonderful friend Kelly came through...once again with an amazing Hello Kitty themed cake...per Charli's request! The cake was a huge hit and the boys enjoyed watching Hello Kitty get cut up once it was time to serve the cake.

This year I opted to go as simple as possible for Charli's birthday party. And I have to say I actually got to enjoy the party for once... instead of stressing about the little details. I let it all go this year and am so glad I did. Charli had a great time....and I think all 21 of her little friends did too. Thank you everyone for making Charli's day so special.

And thank you so much Dad for taking all the amazing pictures!