Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My beautiful new business card holder!

I just love it so much!

I also love this new fabric so much!!!
So here it goes.... I have been stewing for some weeks now about this post and have had some hesitation as to how to go about it and when and how to get all these thoughts out of my head and physically written down and out of my brain. I am hoping that this will be a some what of an emotional release and also a cleansing. So I apoligize in advance if you get half way through this and think that I am crazy and feel compelled to pay for my future therapy sessions. Just kidding, but really.... prepare yourself it is going to be a lot of rambling. If you are a parent of a young child, maybe you will see the humor in this and may also relate.
*Nap time no longer exsits in my house hold, we now have what we like to call "resting time or quiet time" the kids lay down and watch a movie. Owen my youngest daycare child still naps but that is only one child in my care. Overall this no napping thing is going better than I expected. So I do give myself a pat on the back. It just means that I have no down time during the day.
*Kindergarten is fast approaching and next Thursday the 19th is Kindergarten orientation at 6:30pm and then the 23rd is Kindergarten registration!!!! It is inevitable.... my child is not a baby anymore and will be thrown out into the big bad world. Or at least that is how I see it. I am very emotional about this new and up and coming change. I know that Charli is going to thrive, is on track developmentally, makes friends easily and follows the rules of what teachers expect of her, is potty trained and loves going to preschool and any organized activity that she has been a part of.....but there are mean kids out there that say and do mean things and as a result make you cry and hurt your feelings. And I know this will happen and I will cry right along with her and hug her and not want to let go. But I know this only makes you a stronger person, so really it is good for you. But baby girl is going to school in about 6 months!!!! SIGH....... I need a glass of wine or maybe a whole bottle.
*I think someone or something has taken over my child!!! PLEASE HELP.....I also think that my child and almost every child that has ever exsisted has multiple personality disorder. You can not dispute this if you have a child. My sweet Charli is an emotional roller coaster through out the day....most days. She probably gets sent to her room at least twice a day. It can range from not getting something that she wants, to not wanting to share something or just simply me not understanding what it is that she is wanting or asking for. Or god forbid I didn't allow her to have that big frosting rose on the birthday cake, of the birthday party we just attended this last weekend. Big frosting roses are really important when you are 4 yrs old!!!! As a result of these random outbursts from my 4 yr old, I am very drained by the end of the day and for the most part takes a lot of self control on my part. I am constantly reminding my child to use her manners, hitting a friend on the head is not acceptable, screaming and yelling is not how we talk to people, we use our words and never tell our friends that they are not your friend any more that they can't come to your birthday party, when in reality they will be getting an invitation to your birthday party and your friends will always be your friends......And I am worried about kids being mean to her, watch out Kindergarten, here comes Charli.
*Green Baby Expo is fast approaching and I am already preparing, planning and sewing in my spare time. I am very much looking forward to this year. It will be my second time attending and this year I will be sharing a booth with a friend. I have some ideas in the works for products that I want to add to my Charli'z line. I am very excited about this.
*So after all this is said and done....I stumbled across this super cute business card holder, which I received last week and just love! It really is perfect. I can keep it in my purse, I know right where my cards are and keeps them perfectly organized and is super cute to display. Also I came across this new line of fabric recently and just fell in love with it. It is a whole new line by designer Heather Ross and is called the Mendocine line. I purchased 2 underwater sister versions and 1 kelp forest in plum. I bought all three fabrics through this etsy seller. Super great seller and she has quite the variety to choose from.
*I am very inspired to make these super cute Valentines crafts that Jenna crafted up. I just need to find a mailbox and then I will be good to go. So cute and so easy to whip up. You know in all my spare time.


jenni said...

oh Kristin. I can only imagine that big change that you are facing. but just know that I think you are WONDERFUL! wonderful mom, wife, friend, crafter!

~McGregor Clan~ said...

Its very natural to feel overwhelmed about your baby entering the world. Waving goodbye to you as they head off into the hands of other adults who you are trusting to take care of them, tend to their needs and make sure their feelings don't get hurt in the process. I cried the day Travi started Kindergarten in AK and I cried when he started first grade out here. I have major separation issues when it comes to me kids. I still hold his hand everyday and walk him to the doors of school. It just breaks my heart when he turns and waves goodbye to me. I don't know how I will feel when Taylor finally leaves the comforts of my arms to go to school all day. I am sure I am going to be lost. Charli will do great and succeed, as will you. Its just a major adjustment in your lives and take it day by day. As for the emotional bouts...We are dealing with these in our house too. Taylor is becoming her own little person with her own attitude. I sympathize. Girls are definitely different then boys at this age. Good luck and take care. In the end, years from now you'll look back on these days smile.

Addison's Mama said...

Kristin- that card holder is ADORABLE! I love the fabric!!!
I can't believe Charli is starting kindergarden, she is growing up so fast. You are such an amazing Mother, and you have taught her so much,she will be prepared. I wish we lived close. I miss you!

Jenna said...

now doesn't that feel better? i think for us mamas (and most mamas for that matter!) who are managing the same balancing act as we are: toddlers, business, 4 year old girls! (elliana is possessed too, i'm sure of it!)and being sure to give us our own time; we are bound to get overwhelmed. i've always thought of it as the cycle of the artist. on the bright side, after the chaos comes the clarity and creativity!
and i LOVE that new fabric and cute little business card holder! can't wait to see what's new for Charli'z!

Jenna said...

ohhh, and i saw more mailboxes at michaels except they were metal, i think they were cardboardish/chipboard and were a little bigger. but they were plain so you could decorate them. target is done with v-day stuff. i got mine a few weeks ago.

The most popular said...

What a nice vent! It's good to do that every now & then. I love the mermaid fabric! You didn't show that to me! Did you see the beautiful dandilion fabric Jenni used to make a nursing cover for her friend? I want it, it's so pretty! My favorite line from your post:
"And I am worried about kids being mean to her, watch out Kindergarten, here comes Charli."
That cracked me up!
Don't worry, you're not alone, Kelly and I will cry right along with you as our kids start their first day of kindergarten!