Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I just love this picture!!!
Charli's arms wrapped around my neck
while I attempt to take a picture of us.
Who needs birthday presents 
when your child gives you a hug 
like this.

Charli and I enjoying our pedicures
for my birthday.

Even though Charli opted out 
for a pedicure
she enjoyed the nail dryers
Maybe next time she will get a pedicure

Amy, Brooke, Kelly, Charli and I 
all enjoyed our girl time together

Look at our pretty toes!!!

So Kelly and I decided we would treat eachother to pedicures for eachothers birthdays.  Mine being in January and hers in July.
  So some of us girls enjoyed an afternoon of pedicures, wine, truffles, and snacks.
Charli was our little waitress and delivered all the snacks 
while our toes were getting the royal treatment
I was hopeful that Charli would partake in a pedicure but she was not so sure and chose not to
Maybe next time she will do it
I thought her little toes would be so cute all painted and accented with a little flower.

Chad and I at Ojiya for my birthday dinner

The Behlke's & Finches at dinner

Look at all that yummy food
Our chef was great and very entertaining.

Opening some of my birthday gifts

The Kennedy's, McGregor's, Behlke's and Finches

I had such a great couple day's celebrating my birthday this year.  I am now officially "In my 30's" or as my step mom likes to say "Your 30 wonderful".  I love it and am truly embracing the 30's.  I love that I am still young and enjoying life but at the same time am so done with the teen and early 20 years.  30's really are great and I hope they just get better.


~McGregor Clan~ said...

Happy Birthday!! Let me just say how jealous I am that you are all wearing flip flops while I am still tromping in snow. Glad you celebrated with all your friends and family.

Addison's Mama said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!
It looks like you guys had so much fun!! I loved all the pictures!
I love you!!!

kendy said...
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